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Outdoor Retailer Clients

“'Make things happen'....I have to say, this is a very true statement! THANK YOU for all that you did to make our Q1 2008 National Sales Meeting a success. Your commitment, dedication and passion to our brand is much appreciated. We could not have done it without you!”

- adidas Event Marketing Director

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“Things just clicked along for Rykä Iron Girl! From a beautiful booth, to great partners, to an incredibly well run event it was a fantastic opportunity to let consumers meet the Rykä brand.”

- Rykä Marketing Manager

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“There was great press on campus about the event, and a line out the door to get T-shirts. All in all, a great event!”

- KEEN, Inc. Marketing Manager

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High Tech Clients

“Well, another great time was had by all! The production, games, scenery, badges and everything else was just perfect — plus I had a great time working with you.”

- Event Planner, HP (Hewlett-Packard)

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“Now that things have slowed from 100 miles an hour to 95, I wanted to officially say thank you. We are impressed with your ability to remain calm in the center of the storm and deliver a great result. Everyone is happy. That is our metric for success here, and it was achieved!” 

- Communications Partner, Tektronix Inc.

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“Two Thumbs Up!”

- 93% of surveyed audience, when asked if they found the HP DeskJet tour information helpful

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Transportation Industry Clients

“We appreciate very much how — given only a short period of time — this event developed and turned out to be a wonderful transatlantic project.”

- DaimlerChrysler Executive Staff

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“Our key clients were very impressed with the Cascadia reveal at their facility! The marketing trailer looked amazing and was extremely well received. Thanks to all!”

- Freightliner Group General Manager (New Product Development)

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Non-Profit Clients

 “Thank you! We more than achieved our goal of giving the public an opportunity to be heard at the conference.”

- Northwest Health Foundation President

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“Congratulations on a spectacular event.  I wanted to personally thank you for all you did to make our participation in the event possible, [especially] for your professionalism and patience in dealing with not only us but all the VIPs. This event plays a large part in helping provide for others.”

- Top aide to U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, commenting on the Oregon Business Council’s 4th Annual Leadership Summit

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